One of the best parts of owning your own home is that you can do pretty much whatever you want when it comes to hanging things on the wall. You can let your creative side have a heyday with a hammer and a bunch of nails. For a lot of families, putting together a family picture wall is a high priority in their new homes. It can be a fun project that can be the very first of many happy memories in the new place.


Planning your family picture wall:

If you hop on Pinterest and search for “family picture wall,” you’re going to find an overwhelming number of ways to put one of these together. There’s no one way to do a family picture wall, since every family is different. There are lots of things to consider while you’re planning your wall, though. Begin by doing some real prep work to ensure that your wall turns out as special as what you have envisioned. Here are a few tips that can help:


Pick a theme - You need something concrete to get you started in the planning stage. Choosing a theme can be a good place to start, this will give you the best idea of what images to choose. A theme could be anything from “vacation photos” to “photos with the color blue in them.” The best photo walls have some kind of unifying theme, choose one before you get started.


Use technology to simulate your photo wall - There are several apps that give you the capability to not just imagine what an image or set of images will look like on your wall, it actually can virtually add those photos to the wall using augmented reality. 


Choosy kids choose cool frames - The frames you choose are just as important as the images. If you’re looking for something pretty unusual, you can search flea markets and antique shops for old frames with unique designs. If you can’t find anything that you are liking, you can get creative and use trim from your local home improvement stores to build your own frames.


Sometimes, fewer is better - Family picture walls can get pretty overwhelming fast. Instead of hanging every photo you’ve ever taken of your kids, pick the two best from now and the two best from their early childhood. Capture those moments that really meant something and remember that sometimes less is way more.