Smoke detectors can be incredibly loud and awful to hear, although the truth is that smoke detectors save lives. Remember to always check and replace the batteries so that your smoke detectors will be ready to do their job if something goes wrong. Here are a few things that you should know about smoke detectors:

  • Smoke alarms will give you additional escape time in the case of an actual fire. Around 40% of home fire deaths from 2009-2013 were due to a lack of functioning smoke alarms. When a smoke alarm fails it is typically due to missing or disconnected batteries.
  • When installing smoke alarms you should make sure that you put them in the right places. The best areas are in each bedroom, in halls outside of bedrooms, and in every major living area. When doors are closed this can slow the spread of smoke resulting in more time passing before it is noticeable.  
  • On the market you can find interconnected smoke alarms which are currently the safest option. These alarms are connected to each other so when one alarm goes off they will all begin to sound. This can seem like a bit much when something simple in your home sets off the alarm, however when it's a real fire all that noise will save your life.
  • Your smoke detectors need maintenance too. Check the batteries monthly to make sure they are still in good condition. It is also recommended that you change the batteries twice a year to insure the best performance. Another quick maintenance tip is to make sure that you dust off the debris a few times a year as well.