Whether you are just thinking about buying a home or you are already on the search, the one person you need is a great realtor. You may feel that as a potential buyer you can go at this house search alone, but there are many things that you may not be considering. A buyer's agent would represent you throughout the whole transaction, always keeping your best interest in mind. Many potential buyers are under the impression that if they hire a buyer's agent they will have to pay an extra fee for their services. However, the commission is almost always covered on the sellers side. Hiring an agent will not only help you find houses that are best for you but also help your purchase go smoother all together! Here are a few things that a buyers agent will do for you throughout the process: 


1. An agent will know the market inside and out. There’s only so much you can learn about your housing market from looking at houses online. An experienced agent can tell you more about the areas that you are searching in. Helping you find the perfect home that suits your wants and needs. Typically realtors are active members of the areas they service and know a lot about the community.  


2. Find you the right house, not just any house.  Great realtors will understand their clients wants and needs. Your agent will be searching all over for houses that are in your criteria while you are going to work and having a life. Making a list of homes that fit into what you are looking for and taking you shopping. It is their job to keep searching until the right house appears, no matter how long it takes. Having a buyer's agent will save you hours of time that would have otherwise been occupied by searching for a home. 


3. Be there to ease the stress of the buying process. Buying a house can be emotionally draining. A buyers agent will always be there to answer any questions that you have along the way and make the process as easy as they can for you. From home shopping to the closing table a buyer's agent will be there for you when you start to panic or stress.


4. Give you advice on creating a reasonable offer.  Most agents have typically written many offers throughout their career, some that were accepted, some that were not. You can take advantage of their professional experience and ask for help creating an offer that will have a better chance of getting accepted. 

5. Protect you and your rights throughout the buying process. They are basically a human shield that stands between you and all the worst things in the market. It is their job to handle all of the negotiating in a deal from start to finish. Through the whole process your agent will have your best interest as their first priority. 


6. Keep in touch after closing. Buyer’s Agents don’t just drop you once they’ve cashed their checks. They’re around for you no matter what it is that you need help with, real estate-wise.