Just like you should never judge a book by its cover, you should never judge a house by what you see during a showing. Showings are for you to begin picturing yourself living in that space rather than you slowly assessing a home’s structural stability system functionality. Showings tend to be over too short of a time period for you to have time to crawl through the attic. Instead of doing all this yourself, home inspectors are hired to tell you all of the nitty gritty details on the house.

There are many misconceptions with what exactly a home inspection is. Many people think that a home inspection is information given to you about all of the unchangeable aspects of the structure of the home. However, any property or home is in a constantly changing ecosystem. When you call a home inspector to come look at a property, it is their job to tell you about the current details of the home that they see while they’re present. This means that a year from the home inspection there could be things that have changed that no one could’ve predicted at the time of the visit.

The Three Big Reason to Get a Home Inspection

Buyers typically are unaware of the great value of an inspection. Although home inspections aren’t cheap there are still many reasons that you should hire a home inspector.


Home inspectors can find problems within the home that you may have missed during a showing. No one wants to buy a home and lose a boatload of money in the long run because they failed to get a home inspection. Home inspectors take hours to complete the inspection, really giving the house a good look. Their finished product is a report that will provide you with more information that you could ever imagine. The types of problems a home inspector will find will aide you in deciding if you can really deal with the house in the long term or if you can afford the house at all.  

They’ll provide you with information on what upcoming repairs to expect. Given that a home inspection is a current report on the condition of your home and is not meant to predict the future, there are several parts of the ecosystem that predictably show signs of wear. Although the furnace or the shingles are in usable shape now this doesn't mean they will be the same for a while longer. Knowing that there are problems coming up in the near future will help you in preparing the finances to fix them.

Don’t forget, an inspection report is also a bargaining chip. Most real estate contracts allow you an inspection period, during which you can get your experts out and have them look around the property. From that point you have the right to request repairs with your initial offer based on what they find. However the things requested cannot be readily apparent issues. For example, at this point you could not request that the seller fix the worn carpet because you could’ve originally saw this when you were walking through the home. However, if your home inspector found a leak in the plumbing under the house you can request that the seller fix the issue because this is clearly a major problem that you couldn’t of know about before hand. If they decline your request you can then come back and ask for the sales price to be lowered. In most cases lenders will require that something as important as piping is in working properly before the closing.


After closing, there are a lot of buyers that will lose or toss their home inspections. Home inspections can be used as a list of items to update, repair or replace, and check them off as you go. You can then show this list to a buyer when you want to sell this house. Please get in touch with The Sedlarik Group if you need of a referral for a great home inspector.