Whether you are blessed with a large closet or you have just a simple one, it always seems to be crammed full. However, closet storage systems will help tremendously with making it seem like you have more space. Getting organized is a lot easier than just tossing extra clothing, shoes, and accessories in the corner and then going digging when the day comes that you need one of those items. 

When it comes time to take your next trip to the home improvement store you'll be overwhelmed when you find more than enough DIY closet options to choose from. The wide range of products will include metal kits, laminated wood kits, and even just the basic wire shelving. So many options that you will begin to have so many questions about. Asking yourself about not only what you need but also what you may want. So now is the time to take a step back and create a budget before buying, so that you will be sure to buy not only what you need but what you can afford as well.

Let the planning begin..  start with sketching out your closet and its dimensions so that you can figure out how much space you have and how to divide it up between the various things you want to incorporate. The dimensions will help you figure out how much rod space you have, if you'll need another lower rod, if you'll have enough room for drawers in your closet, where you will put shoes and hampers, and also how the space will be divided if the closet has more than one persons belongings. Remember that you can not buy cabinets bigger that the provided space, if you attempt to buy a cabinet to large it will not fit. 

How to properly hang your rods..  

Double hung rods. You should place the bottom rod about 42 inches off the ground so that is about waste level and then place the top rod about 84 inches from the ground. This will provide you with the same vertical hanging space for each level. 

Long rods. A long rod is used for items that are too long to be hung on the double hung rods such as dresses or overalls. Due to the length of the items that hang on this rod, it should be about hung about 70 inches off the floor. 

Medium hang rods. Items that are about knee length will hand good on this rod. Hang them about 60 inches off of the floor and free up some space on your long rod.

Pants rods. Install these around 54 inches off the floor to hang the pants in your closet.

One last tip to remember is that closet rods will need support at least every 3 feet. However, you can create a much more stable rod by providing support every 2 feet. The more secure the shelves are, the more they will be able to support and hold.