Drones are the equivalent of an unmanned aircraft that flies through the air as it communicates with a ground based controller. Making their mark in areas such as package delivery, agriculture, photography, and even in safety. It turns out drones also have many different applications in the field of real estate. For example, home inspectors have started to use them for roof inspections. This allows for not only a film that saves the current record of the roofs condition, but this also makes it a lot safe for the inspector by not requiring them to climb up onto a slippery roof. Real estate agents have also started to take advantage of this  incredible technology as well. Drones have help agents improve the overall story they're trying to tell about a property by providing very clear photos and videos of homes. Here are a few ways that drones have helped out in the field. 


  • Improve the overall pictures of the property. As more buyers are searching on real estate websites to preview and eliminate homes, it becomes very important that agents provide the most complete pictures possible. Drones can be used to provide a virtual tour for potential buyers, showing them the relative size of areas around the house. Not only can they provide an indoor tour but also can allow you to see the neighborhood from a birds eye view. This overview will give viewers an idea of what is in reasonable walking distance, as well as the problematic houses in the neighborhood. Ultimately, drones are adding more ways for buyers to get a good picture of the house in question.

Here is a great example of a drone videos we have had made for one of our sellers: