When you’re staging your home this cold winter there are many simple fixes that you can benefit from. The goal is to make your home warm and comforting for the buyers as they face the cold and house search. Create a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout your house. Giving your home a very welcoming first impression is very important, especially while the weather is so chilly. 

First start with the outside of your home and consider adding a little bit of life to the properties walkways and entries. A decorative winter wreath, a seasonal plant, or even a cheerful paint color on the front door will make a difference to incoming buyers. Make sure that you are always ready to have potential buyers look at your house. Always provide lighting to ensure that these buyers will never walk into a dark house. You could also provide a doormat outside the door to prevent the tracking of snow and dirt throughout your house. 

With the cold weather dwelling you should raise the temperature in your home so that it is at a comfortable temperature for those who come in. Having a comfortable temperature in the house can result on the potential buyers thinking more about the property and what they’re seeing rather than how cold it is outside. Having a more comfortable temperature can also result in them staying in the house longer and falling more in love with it. 

Lighting up the house is very important during these dreary winter months. Open the drapes and shades as much as you can to make sure that you let the most amount of natural lighting in the house as you can. Make sure that the insides of the windows and windowsills are clean, caulked, and cracked window seals are repaired. Whenever the house is being shown make sure that all of the lights in the house are on. With the lights on it will ensure the each room in the house is presented in the best light.