The best tool for cleaning up the summer mess around the outside of your home is a pressure washer. Cleaning the siding, sidewalks, decks, and other areas is made a lot easier when you have a pressure washer. However not just any pressure washer will do the trick, there is a lot to consider before making this purchase. Believe it or not pressure washers can be dangerous. Although it seems that a it's just a high powered garden house, pressure washers can send water out at 3,000 PSI or possibly more. Even professionals using pressure washers can make mistakes the can result in a damaged surface or even a sliced boot. Always be cautious when operating this machine. 

Time to Shop.. Now that you know that a pressure washer is capable of doing damage its time to learn about how you pick the one that will work best for you. Know that the more water coming out at a higher pressure rate will do the job faster. However, you do need to make sure you find a balance because there is such thing as a machine that is too much for the task at hand.

Here are a few of the top tips for choosing a pressure washer that's best for you.. 

1. Get informed before you buy. Whether you are getting information from reviews online or borrowing a pressure washer from a friend it is important to learn about the machine and the experiences that other people have had with the product you are buying. When buying items like this that are bigger and more expensive you should make sure you are buying a good quality product. Reading reviews will help tell you if others have had problems with this machine or if they love it and they are sure you will too. 

2. Always be cautious. When you are out shopping for tools you normally want to buy the tools with the widest functions. However with a pressure washer it is smart to buy a less powerful washer and spend just a little more time working. Instead of jumping into a super industrial model, consider a higher end homeowner model and save yourself and your family from the possibility of a possible injury. 

3. Go mobile. Buying a pressure washer with wheels is always the better choice. It will be a lot easier to pull it behind you as you move around rather than dragging around one without wheels. In the end it will not only save you time but the energy as well.

4. The choice between electric and gas. Most of the lower end units are meant for easy jobs around the house and are typically electric. However, if you choose one of these you will most likely be lugging around the long extension cord as well. That being said, the heavier duty models will almost all be gas powered, which means you will have to maintain them just like your lawnmower. However, you wont need to carry the cord around with you on the move.