The 4th of July is here and families are celebrating the independence of our country. All over the country there are fireworks, cookouts, parades, festivals, and more! Remember to be safe this holiday while you’re participating in all these fun family activities or even if you’re just spending the day at the lake with friends and family. If you’re putting on your own firework show this holiday remember to always do so responsibly. Here are a few safety tips that are recommended by the National Council on Firework Safety.

  • Follow all laws regarding the use of fireworks
  • Read all labels and instructions before lighting any firework
  • Never give fireworks to children, a responsible adult should always be present
  • Save your alcohol for after the show
  • Light fireworks outside, a safe distance away from any building or vehicle
  • Never shoot fireworks, of any kind, near pets

Our team here at The Sedlarik Group wishes a fun filled Independence Day to everyone.