Home security devices are very common. They are both inexpensive and can be used for all types of different things around your home, whether it be keeping an eye on your dog while you're away or just checking in to see who's knocking at your front door. With modern technology you can even keep an eye on vacation homes or empty rentals while you are away from them. If there is anything you want to see a modern smart security camera can almost always help you out! There are several different security camera brands, however it's not so much the brand that matters as much as it is the features that the camera has to offer. There are also many different cameras that all fit under the security camera category. Here are a few of the categories offered. 


Webcams: These cameras allow you to view a live feed of whatever you are pointing them at. This is perfect for checking in, but won't alert you of movements and unusual sounds.


Video Doorbells: With this type of camera you are offered a decent view of the porch area. This is a great solution if you order a lot of packages. You can interact with people who ring the bell and when placed properly, the camera will alert and record quite a bit of activity within its field of vision. 


Indoor Security: When buying a true security camera, you should be able to customize it to your exact needs. Most of the security cameras can even move in all directions to give you a better idea of just what is going on in that room or living area. 


Outdoor Security: Outdoor security cameras are much like the indoor ones, except that they have more durable housing and may be powered using things like solar panels to keep the maintenance to a minimum. Attach it, point it and forget it until it wakes you up at 2 am because someone is walking their dog down the street in front of your house.

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After you have chosen the camera you have been looking for, it is time to consider all of the several valuable features that are bundled with the camera. Before you buy, consider these important points:


Power Source and Connectivity:  Some cameras will need to be plugged into power while others don't. Another option that security cameras offer is connection to WiFi. Regarding connectivity, cameras can also run off of your cellular network. 


What’s the App Like? Each camera company will have an app that’s slightly different. Check them out in your Android or Apple store before choosing a camera. It’s important that you can use this software without a lot of headaches.


Feed Type: There are generally two types of feeds that come with smart home security cameras: live or triggered. The live feeds will always be available to show you what is happening when you decide to check it. Triggered feed will only record when it detects a movement or sound, providing you only with a picture of what was happening during that time. Many devices offer both, but if your eye is on a camera with a single option, choose the one you think you’ll use more.