Having a landscape full of weeds is always very irritating, especially when you are driving by all your neighbor's houses and see their perfect weed free areas. You may be due for an upgrade and in need of some easy care landscaping. It is easy to have a low care landscape although you may need to give up a few weekends to get the process started.

What’s wrong in your current landscape: It is not hard to guess what is wrong with your current beds, especially if there are weeds popping up where they shouldn't be or it looks like the mulch is turning to dust. This is probably due to a geotextile, which are woven fabrics that allow water to pass through to soil but prevent the evaporation. They can be good for stopping weeds but once mulch is placed on top it creates a medium for new weeds to grow that will eventually poke holes through the geotextile. The best way to fix this problem is to take out the old landscaping fabric.


  • PROS: Geotextiles will allow the soil to absorb and retain water properly and they will typically hold the weeds down for a few years.

  • CONS: They will not allow for the nutrients to mix into the soil due to the divider between, this divider also makes it so it is harder for insects and earthworms to reach the soil so compaction can become an issue.

Mulch: This is another great option for those that are less interested in the constant interaction with their landscaping. Organic mulch without a weed barrier is the best solution. You'll need to replace the broken down mulch yearly but with a few sprays of weed killer the bed should be kept looking healthy. Organic mulches like bark, shredded wood, pine needles and cotton seed hull break down and will eventually feed the plants below. If you install a mulch only cover, remember that you should be using a six inch metal retainer to make sure the mulch won't slide away if heavy rain or winds occur. After placing this you should put down two to four inches of fresh mulch. Remember to keep the mulch away from any trunks or stems. It may also be less expensive to get mulch locally by the truckload rather than picking it up from the store. Depending on how large the area is you need covered.


We hope this information helps you when you’re thinking of redo your landscaping!